About US

CebuRose.com is the Philippines ' largest multi-category gifting company, providing one of the best-curetted collections of gifts, flowers, cakes & personalized products for all personal occasions & festivals. The firm has a global footprint with almost half of its orders originating from outside of the Philippines.

As a result of our years of experience and personal contact with our customers, we have developed a 3-way-test that is applied to each and every one of our flower deliveries. This test helps us to always make the best delivery possible for our customers and their recipients.

CebuRose.com has been delivering beautiful fresh flowers to millions of people around the Philippines. It is this 3-way-test that sets Ceburose.com apart from our competitors!

The Ceburose.com 3-Way-Test
CebuRose.Com staff ask themselves these questions each time they process an order:
1. Has every effort been made to assist the customer with any questions or queries about their order either via phone or online?

2. Are the flowers to be used for the delivery fresh and of a high quality?

3. Has every effort been made to ensure that the delivered flowers and delivery specifications are as close to the customer’s original order as possible?

It is only when Ceburose.com staff can answer ''yes'' to all the above that we know our customers will be happy, and that the orders are ready to be processed and delivered.

Ceburose.com staff has years and years of experience in helping people with their orders.... and they’re always nice to talk to!
Ceburose.com has always valued the personal customer contact that comes with working in an industry for years. Our staff are extremely experienced in helping people with their orders...What to choose... what’s the best for delivery to a specific area... which flowers to use for a certain occasion... the list goes on! Our staffs are so pleasant to talk to - they like the personal contact with customers and genuinely enjoy speaking to people about their orders. If you’ve ever ordered through Ceburose.com before you’ll know what we mean!

To create an enhanced gifting ecosystem and provide a one-stop solution to make gifting an informed, hassle-free & delightful experience.

While the CebuRose team embarks on a 100 missions every day, there are 4 key elements which are central to every endeavor we take. These are:

  • Use technology as a key lever to drive a step-change in consumer experience as well as their long term behavior in our category.
  • Be master curators to ensure that our customers genuinely find something of value every time they visit us.
  • Create enhanced gifting specific logistics & backend solutions to provide our customers with a ‘wow’ experience on the last (and the most crucial) mile.
  • Be thought leaders in personalization to provide our customers with that much-needed personal touch in all the gifts they send & receive

It’s much easier said than done. Innovation doesn’t necessarily mean invention, as most of us naïve souls believe. Innovation is simply about doing things better & more efficiently. Innovation is about new simpler solutions to the same old complex problems. All of us really need to be “innovative” in our approach to every problem/task that we handle every day – doesn’t matter how big or small – behind every giant leap, there are a 1000 small innovations. 

So you are innovative, you are agile, but remember, you are not doing this for yourself; you are doing all this for our end consumer. If he/she doesn’t benefit, none of it matters! We got limited time, money, energy & ideas – so let’s put our money where the mouth is.

Innovative. Agile. Consumer-centric. – That’s our Ethos.

Everything we think, we do, we focus on, is guided by these 3 simple words. In other words, we drive innovation in everything you do; we do it quickly, and we focus on consumers.